I suppose there is a satisfaction in honing one’s talents to the degree that what one does for fun would kill most people. I don’t find it. To the prudent, it’s a realization. They realize that they are just as fragile as anyone else. They don’t need a misstep or a missed oar stroke to teach them that on their way to oblivion.

It’s joyful and exhilarating to get up and go. Sometimes beyond measure. Fill your heart, your head, your vital organs, and your arms and legs with the beauty and challenges of the outdoors — and with Edward Whymper’s advice:

“From the beginning, think what may be the end.”

Selway Falls, Selway River, Idaho


To share outdoor adventure stories that highlight the strength of the human spirit.
How have you overcome adversity, improvised solutions, kept your head in a fix?
What do you suppose it is about you that you never give up?

To share stories from all the stuff we do that’s “just for fun”.
To have fun adventuring, in writing about it, sharing it, and teaching with it.
To share in a forum of knowledge, planning, and practical lessons learned.
To inspire one another – tap into strengths we may not think we have.

To cultivate the desire and courage to just GO