As for you, I won’t press you to tell me
Where you have gone.
I know. I know how you love to edge down
The long trails of canyons.
At the bottom, along willow shores,
You stand, waiting for twilight,
In the silence of deep grass.
You are safe there, guarded,
For you know how the dark faces
Of the cliffs forbid easy plundering
Of their delicate pueblos:
White cities concealed delicately in their chasms
As the new eggs of the mourning dove
In her ground nest,
That only the spirit hunters
Of the snow can find.

– James Wright

Brian Jensen, Snow Flat, Utah

I love my Mom and Dad’s generation. This site is to them. They were pioneers, of sorts, in the world of outdoor adventure. They were among those parents to first outfit their kids well-enough to go with them on more intrepid adventures. Mom and Dad hiked us through many of Glen Canyon’s canyons. I saw Cathedral-In-The-Desert, Music Temple, Hidden Passage, and other sites in their pristine state before they were flooded. They took us into The Maze via known routes and routes they found before Canyonlands was a National Park. Fixed in my mind is the image of Dad descending the old chain ladder into The Maze, with my not-quite-two-year-old sister in a “Hike-A-Poose” on his back. As a seven-year-old at the time, watching him dangle with her in mid-air, even I knew that was on the edge…

What were we thinking?
Those Maze accesses were dangerous!

I had a dog once that thought nearly drowning was fun. She’d jump into raging and rocky mountain creeks and try to swim after me in my kayak.  It bothered me when she did that because she was worth saving. I’d have to get her out of whitewater sections when it was all I could do to keep from drowning myself. You can read about her in my first blog. She was a water-dog.

What was she thinking?

At this blog we take pride in ignoring those questions.
They’re too hard.

We did what we did and we do what we do
I wanna share mine and hear yours from you.
So come in and read, and write your own stuff
Ask questions, make comments, there’s never enough!

Make it, fun!
And there is a prize to be won:
We can all learn something
from what all we’ve done.

Here’s to all you who want to participate,
In the particularly perilous times we create.

Welcome to my blog!

Your Host, Cottonwood Creek, Central Utah